The Metroplex Debarcle

I`m currently restoring my first Transformers g1 toy, which happened to be Metroplex. He`s big but not huge and the yellowing and sticker degradation was terrible as well as the joints. He was certainly well loved in his prime.

The whitening effect!

Hydrogen Peroxide is an amazing chemical. Among its uses is restoring yellowed or discoloured plastic to its original colour with the use of uv rays. For he last few days i`ve been slowly putting in pieces of discoloured plastic from metroplex into a glass bottle of hydrogen peroxide to bake in the sun for about 2 days each. I check every couple of hours to make sure that all parts are submerged giving the bottle a bit of a shake up. You can see what it does in the below photos.

The whitening problem!

So, now im up to cleaning Metroplex`s legs and certain parts of his body that contains metal and chrome plastic and i`m concerned of what will happen to those particular parts in the bath. What do I do? well i asked at a couple of forums in regards to the metal rods and the chrome plastic wheels just to get some feedback on whether it would have any effect or not. I got some responses from a few good guys and the main consensus was that the rods would be ok as long as they were dried right but no one had any idea about the chrome plastic. The suggested a junker part to see what would happen. So I did, I found a Optimus prime front grill that was broken and chucked it in with the rest of the plastic. Time will tell.



What the juice?

Well now i know that chrome plated plastic does not like hydrogen peroxide. (Man I should’ve listened more in chemistry at school). All the chrome has been demolished by the bath and now i have a nice blue plastic prime grill. Lucky it was already broken. Good news is though now i know what i can use to strip my chrome plastic bits to either re-chrome them or repaint them. There has to be a positive side to it all.

The Good Guys At OZformers

Its great to be able to be involved a community of helpful individuals who genuinely want to see what you’ve done. My problem was that i didn’t take before photos until i started to bath Metroplex and really only got his bottom half. I realised this and started to take photos of other restorations i`m currently doing while i wait for this one to clean itself. Mainly another two Metroplexes. I think i have a problem with the idea of owning only one item. I had this same problem with amiibo collecting buying two of each so that i could open one and keep the other. But another time for that. Oh well such is life.

Just some shots from the Metroplexs I`m currently restoring.


Comparison shots of bathed part compared to original

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eBay Photos

He was well loved with part of the description saying that blu tack was used to keep his antenna up. Boy was there some blu tack in his shoulder

Finished clean and put back together waiting for his new stickers. Comparing to his brother who is on the list to be done. Still not 100% happy about his helipad as it still seems yellow. Maybe ill give it another bath before sticker time. He was also given a buff using meguires scratch x2 before putting back together. I found it to give him a nice almost mirror like reflection on all parts except those damn white feet